The red continent or Welcome to America!

After flying 10.5 hours in seats that felt like flying first class (emergency exit row with lots of leg space and a half empty plane that allowed for sleeping in three seats at a time) we left the plane.

Lots of leg space.

But where were we? The destination was supposed to be Perth, but this could be somewhere in America… The two directions on the highway are separated by a large piece of grass, bushes or trees. However, all cars are going on the wrong side of the road (we’re trying to imitate them as much as possible). Then there are the shopping malls, a large complex with parking lots in the middle and the shops all around, which are very typical for the US. But if you go inside, everyone is greeting you with a muffled “G’day” that sounds almost like “Hello”. When it comes to houses you’ll find that they are the same type as in the states – large ground floor, no upper level, no basement, and walls and windows are as thin. Only the red dirt from front- and backyard could be seen as an indication for a foreign country.

Kangaroos ahead!

By the end of the second day we had found proof. First it was a sign. Then we saw lots of them – Kangaroos! It’s got to be America, I mean Australia. As we already found out, they’re cute animals but not very smart. They like to come out at dawn and graze in open fields (such as golf courts), but also like to stand really close by the roads. Luckily we haven’t hit one, but we’ve seen quite a few dead ones…

One thought on “The red continent or Welcome to America!”

  1. Hallo Ben, mit großem Interesse lese ich Dein Blog. Viel Spaß weiterhin und tolle Erlebnisse. Wir gehen in 10 Tagen auf große Fahrt nach Rio.
    Bis bald viele Grüße Gabi

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